12771472_10154591062308574_1297082115270262448_oI signed up for my first boot camp after a Facebook invitation from a friend. I had been doing a fair bit of running but wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I always thought of CrossFit as something for the ‘elite fitness freaks’.

I have to admit to being a bit intimidated when I first walked in but soon found it was full of people who were there for the same reasons as me. I now look forward to pushing myself harder every time I walk in the door. I’ve gone from 2 classes a week to sometimes 6-7!

I think the results from my first bootcamp really amazed me. I managed to (in most cases) double the results of my first fitness test in just 6 weeks.

At the moment I’m just looking to improve on my technique and cardio stamina. It’s always been about being as fit as I can be.

I don’t really have one specific favourite memory about my time at WOF. I still enjoy seeing other people around me push themselves past their previous limits, regardless of their fitness level. It always inspires me to push myself that bit harder.

Something you might not know about me is that I’m a volunteer operational Search and Rescue Dog Handler and the Group Training Officer for LandSar Wellington, and my favourite colour is blue.


*individual results may vary*

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