11110771_350628081798432_4092465510180046390_nMy wife had been involved in CrossFit for 14 months when I joined and I had been to a number of WOD’s with her as a support person. I assumed it was not for me, even though I knew I was grossly overweight and chronically unfit, because after a number of sporting injuries I have a very limited range of motions that won’t exacerbate both an artificial knee and a badly damaged shoulder. Felicity’s enthusiasm and love of CrossFit gave me the motivation to “give it a go” and three personal sessions with Anastasia showed that there were a range of modified activities which would allow me an opportunity to participate.

My first impression of CrossFit was a feeling of being supported by all the members in working towards my goal of losing a bit of weight and gaining some personal fitness. I was initially very conscious of my “body type” and the fact that I had to modify so many of the activities. As time has progressed, these initial impressions have been confirmed and I have grown in both confidence, and acceptance that there are some things I just can’t do and I have to get over it.

My bright spot possibly was surviving the first session of CrossFit Lite or maybe the first time I ventured outside CrossFit Lite to attempt my first WOD. Most probably though when I realized that I was only taking a day to recover from a hard workout rather than several.

I continue to work on losing weight and gaining personal fitness. Ironically for someone who has always been so competitive, “personals bests” fall way behind these goals. I have just recently signed up (with some trepidation) for my first healthy eating challenge 

My favorite memory was walking into CrossFit one night and being presented with a new CrossFit shirt by my wife because the old one had become too baggy, and the applause from the team of CrossFit Lite.

Another favorite memory will be the kindness, support and patience of the coaches, particularly in helping me with the many modifications I require to most WODs. I really appreciate the extra effort you put in to help me achieve my goals.


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