13091716_10154046570738592_1358330921_oWOF’s reputation brought me to the box to check it out! I work with an athlete from the box who always spoke highly of the WOF team and is a very strong and capable athlete. I feel that WOF has a well-respected place in the Wellington CrossFit community. When I first saw WOF members in a local comp I noted that WOF athletes were strong, positive and outgoing and very proud of their box. Coming from a small box it was quite daunting to jump into a large class with heaps of people, but this feeling soon changed as everyone is friendly, positive, approachable and very supportive!

I’m currently working on my overhead strength and mobility. Hoping this year is my year for a muscle up…

My favourite memory at WOF so far would have to be 16.2. I aimed to make the second round, wasn’t sure I was going to be able to perform the squat cleans as the weight was a few kg above my previous 2 rep max. In the end I performed 6 reps well above my previous pb with the whole box cheering me on!!

As a paramedic and volunteer firefighter CrossFit is a vital part of my every day life. The fitness, mobility and mental determination I have gained from CrossFit are a huge part of me helping our community.