11165264_360316897496217_3783965822864029942_nI originally started crossfit as a move from bootcamp, as ex army combat medic I found bootcamp was awesome, I could just turn my brain off for an hour and see what my body accomplished. Crossfit was exactly the same except it also gave me some epic coaching as well as a mini competition each hour. When I moved to Welly from Dunedin I tried to not do crossfit… I lasted 2 weeks before i got withdrawal symptoms and joined WOF CrossFit. As a paramedic (in training) I definitely need the strength and endurance it teaches, as well as the gut wrenching determination you need to finish the super long chippers (my favourite wods)

The first wod I had included 50 wall balls. I couldn’t squat and I hit myself in the face with the ball numerous times. I ended up doing them two at a time and just wanted to cry n die at the same time, then I looked around and realized everyone else had the same look on their face so I hardened up and when I finished the entire thing I was in ore of myself, I couldn’t believe what id achieved.  I especially like not knowing what im coming to cus im sure if I saw the whiteboard before id run the other way screaming most days. But that’s the best thing, we do it and we do it well, the group pulls you through and that is something you don’t get at other gyms. Infact its something you don’t get at all crossfit gyms. Wof is very lucky in that its formed a family environment, a bond with your fellow classmates, built on happiness and hard work, everyone smiles when you walk in and everyone high fives you at the end of the wod as well as yelling support to you when you hit the wall. I didn’t have that at other gym and going back for a week really showed me just how special our wee box is. Kia Kaha Sam and Ana you have created something really special.10481441_10152869040609916_754446003112089996_n

My bright spot wasn’t that far away, it was getting consecutive double unders — it took me 2 plus years but I got there!! I can now do 37 boom 😀 It was in the long slog wods that I finally got it.. you definitely build stamina when you have to do 2 lots of 200 double unders as singles
I love being upside down, just before I injured myself I was so close to getting a hand stand press up and hand stand walk.. im hanging out for the day I can do them again.
My best memory of WOF Crossfit was going away to judgement day in the hawkes bay in jan was awesome, we had a huge team and the comp had come up with some really different events. I was pretty stoked to come 32nd in running up te mata peak (not even nearly last) and running backwards round the lazy river was a hoot. We got to stay at Ants’ awesome bach in Waimarama and it was fantastic being able to chill as a group n go to the beach. NZFL was also a highlight, one wod I ended up begging Aaron to let me do n me n CK kicked ass, it was so cool to be part of a team (especially with someone as good as CK) n really pull my own weight with those kettle bells. 😀
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