After having my 3rd baby (2 of them within 2 years) and being diagnosed with a rare pregnancy heart condition, I knew that it was time to look after me!! As a mum it’s so hard to put yourself first, but when you hear the words ‘heart failure’ it certainly puts everything into perspective!

My good friend had been doing Bootcamp for a long time and always raved about it. The day I got clearance from my cardiologist I attended a free Bootcamp trial and after that I was hooked! I contacted Anastasia to sign up for the next round of Bootcamp!!

jennMy first impression of Crossfit/Bootcamp was ‘I can’t do this’, boy was I wrong!!! All those burpees, squats, and lunges were intimidating, but everyone at the box is welcoming, supportive and encouraging! I was always worried about joining a gym and people watching and judging me, but WOF is not like that at all!! I’m totally hooked! 

I’ve actually got 2 bright spots of my journey so far, the first being completing my first WOD! I survived!! For someone so unfit it was such a huge accomplishment for me!! My second bright spot was doing my first box jump, and then completing 8 in a row!! I had so much self doubt that I could actually do it, but I did!!

My goals at this stage are to continue on my weight loss journey! I want to ensure I’m around to see my kids grow up and having 2 young boys it’s important that I can keep up with them! Overall I just want to feel good about myself! Crossfit has given me a new lease on life and I’m ready to continue challenging myself and getting outside of my comfort zone!! Crossfit delivers all of this for me! I’m hooked!

My favourite memory of WOF so far is actually the impact CrossFit has had on my family! After continually asking me what I’d done at Bootcamp, my oldest (12 years) asked to join Crossfit Teens, now she’s hooked too! And watching my 2.5 yr kid trying to do squats and burpees is adorable!! 

The one thing that people don’t know about me is that so far on my weight loss journey I’ve lost close to 40kgs!!! I’m so ready to finally win this battle and I’m so grateful that I’ve finally found CrossFit to help me on my journey!

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