jennbrownI have always wanted to try CrossFit but always been too intimidated by it. I was new to the country and figured I had nothing to lose. Seeing that there were girl coaches and women’s classes and different skill levels helped me to make my decision also.

My first impression was that this is more than a workout; this is fun, and everyone is so helpful. Plus Anastasia is really welcoming and motivating.

This hasn’t changed too much, only because what I thought I now know. It is fun, everyone is really welcoming and it’s extremely motivating to be around others who have  similar goals and skill levels. I look forward to who I am going to see, and what skill I can work on next. 


I’ve still got a long way to go before becoming bad ass, let me just preface that, but I think it’s just the little things I continue to notice about my overall fitness and  I just generally feel stronger and every time I come to CrossFit. Plus I leave every CrossFit session feeling like I’ve accomplished something, which is a great feeling. At the moment I’m working on my Double unders, Pullups and handstand pushups.


My favourite memory is probably just how caring the community is there – I returned after being gone on a trip for like 2 weeks and everyone asked me where I was, and how my trip was. It’s nice to know that people notice and care so much about their fellow work out buddies. One thing my workout buddies might not know about me is that I spent the last three years in California and just moved to NZ in October. 


My advice for anyone considering CrossFit but too scared to do it is: Just do it! I’m so happy I did, and I promise there will be someone who you can help, who can help you and who can laugh with you too.