Some friends had signed up for the WOF Bootcamp and I thoughjanet “Hey, that sounds like fun”, so I accepted the invite. I didn’t really think about it until the day arrived and then I started to panic a bit, well quite a lot actually. My friends are in their 30s and I was almost 50. I was thinking all day that I was an dumb-arse for signing up. I thought that it would be too hard and everyone would be really mean, and was trying to think of ways to not go. By 5pm I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t go. 

Then I got a text from Catherine, who was also signed up for the first the first time. She said she wasn’t going to make it because she was in a deadlock traffic jam (it was Labour Monday and she was stuck at Manakau). This was her lucky day, because I go skiing a lot I have got know the short cut through the back streets of Manakau. We used the glimpse app and I directed her home, and the short cut took 50 minutes off the journey and she made it home in time. After all that excitement I decided I had to go to bootcamp and keep Catherine company.

I was really impressed with the building and loved the style. It didn’t look like a regular gym, it looked more like a back streets of NY city, I could so see Stomp wandering in and doing their thing 🙂

I felt great when I got there. Everyone was friendly and I realised that everyone looked like real people – all shapes and sizes, and all different ages and fitness levels. As I have gotten to know people, I really really like the. The coaches are very supportive, inspiring and motivating. It’s more than a place we go for fitness; it’s a community.  

My passions are mountain biking and skiing but I need a high level of fitness to enjoy my hobbies. I have tried going to “regular” gyms but I actually hate going, I dislike group fitness and I have no motivation to go in a room where nobody makes eye contact. In May I won a six month membership at one of these gyms: I went twice.

My very first bright spot at WOF was when I realised I can do this, and I actually enjoy it! In fact I Love it! 

I have just done the On-Ramp. My plan for 2016 is to do more. I want to be stronger and I have to work on my flexibility. I have a niggling leg injury that happened a long time ago, I feel it’s holding me back so I have to get looked into.

I have so many. The super hero WOD that Lance organised is definitely my favourite memory, especially since my team won 🙂


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