I was in a pretty dark place and needed to get myself out of my comfort zone and get active again. My niece asked me to do bootcamp with her and I had always wanted to do CrossFit so it was the perfect opportunity for me.
My first impression… watching all these women lifting and doing amazing things absolutely inspired me. It has only changed in that I am inspired even more every day, the support the every body gives each other and the motivation people have. Phenomenal!!
My first bright spot was definitely my first rope climb to the roof – for 2 reasons. 1. I wanted to climb to the top and I did it at the first session. 2. Always bring long socks for rope climbs… always!! I still have a scar.
At the moment I’m working towards my next goal of muscle ups! but I know I still need to focus on all the other movements as well.

My favourite WOF memory would have to be my first WOD which happened to be a women’s only class. It was a killer workout for my first time but the women in the class were fantastic, they were welcoming and encouraging. We had to pick a movement for the WOD and being put on the spot I chose man-makers to add to the workout which means the other ladies knew I meant business hahaha they weren’t too happy with me!

In addition to the above I want to say that I am very grateful for WOF CrossFit. It has given me new friends, a purpose, a support network. I have a much more positive outlook on life. I love being at the box, I enjoy the community and the Facebook banter. The support from coaches and members extends far greater than just at CrossFit. During the floods and after the earthquake it was inspiring to see everyone offering their homes and offering assistance to each other.

I don’t typically have much faith in humans but I am impressed by what I have seen in our WOF CrossFit community. Anastasia and Sam should be really proud of what they’ve created. Coaches and members should be proud for contributing to it.

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