customer-service-quotes-7Compared to what? To a normal gym membership of $6-$20 per week, where you need to come up with your own programming to do; where no one will show you the correct movement unless you pay $60-$80 per hour of personal training; no one will help you with healthy eating choices unless you pay extra for it; no community; no one knows your name; no events to attend; no measurement of progress and no prevention of injuries?

Then yes, CrossFit is expensive compared to a normal gym membership.

I’m not saying don’t sign up to normal gym. Do it. If you know what you are doing it is great accessory work for CrossFit or any other sport if you can do it on your own and can motivate yourself to work as hard as you can & test your limits…focus-goals

At WOF we have a limit to CrossFit classes; it is like personal training in small group. If you are paying $45 per week for unlimited membership and attend 5 classes a week, that’s $9 per session of personal training where we program for you, show you the correct technique, help you to get better, motivate you , scale to your ability & celebrate your achievements!

You don’t need to be fit to start coming to WOF CrossFit. Our gym is not about who has the biggest muscles or can lift the heaviest or run fastest. We are about community, goals & achievements! As long as you are coming, moving, doing a workout with us, we are happy. We know we are making a change in your life!

I have heard so many people say CrossFit too expensive but then go and pay for 2 personal sessions a week worth $120. But $45 for unlimited CrossFit classes is too much?!

I guess that what I am trying to explain is that we are not like any other normal gym. We are CrossFit. We limit our classes to provide quality coaching. We spend time with you working on your technique & your goals. We love to stay in touch and care about you!

Where else would you find personal training session in a small group for $9 per hour?

We encourage our members to go and try different gyms, try classes with 30-50 people in it and see how much you can get out of it.

What’s the difference between a CrossFit gym and another gym (non-CrossFit) who run high intensity classes/bootcamps etc ? Go check it out & you can find out for yourself! We are confident in what we offer!

We are proud of WOF CrossFit , the quality of the coaching that we provide  & our community. We are not like any other!

You don’t know what you don’t know, right?

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