In February of this year I was diagnosed with cervical cancer after having had treatment for the same cancer 2 years prior, I was given the option of having a hysterectomy and jumped at the chance, in May I had the surgery and made a conscious decision to really work on my health.

My mum had been doing CrossFit for a few years and suggested I take a look at WOF. She had heard they had a great community spirit. I took a look at the web page and seeing there was a room for kids I was sold, being able to take my kids was such a huge bonus for me, there are no other gyms out there where this is possible. So I booked in for a free trial and became hooked instantly.

My first “real class” was daunting, everyone just knew what to do and where to go. For the first 5 minutes I felt completely out of my element, but then that community spirit my mum told me about kicked in and there were 3 or 4 ladies offering to help me and partner up with me it was great and I felt instantly at ease and comfortable being there. I quickly learnt that if you don’t know something ask, and to never feel that your best isn’t good enough, because it always is.

In the 4-5 months I have been at WOF I have had so many moments that made me feel amazing! recently being able to do kipping handstand pushups during a WOD left me feeling pretty damn awesome. I really can’t pinpoint one moment there are so many, I think that at least every week there is something that leaves me feeling good.

My favourite memory and one I will never forget happened during my first month at WOF, the WOD was 80 thrusters and every time you dropped the bar you had to do 4 burpees. I was the last to finish, but everyone got behind me and supported me and I managed to finish in the time cap! I remember feeling elated that I managed to do it and overwhelmed by the support.

The coaches and the people at WOF go that extra mile for you all the time, its one of the most amazing places to be, I am thankful I found it.

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