For those of us with office jobs, sedentary jobs or just busy lives in general, we can struggle to get in enough steps and movement throughout the day sometimes, and this is where incidental fitness can come in.

What is it? Well, it’s where you work in extra steps or movements within your day, it can become habit and a natural part of your day and you can do it without thinking about it too much.

Generally, it’s the foundation of your daily activity and something to build on as you get fitter. If, some days you don’t get to the gym or don’t get out for a run, then the following little tips and movements can really help build your fitness.

Here’s a small selection of things to help you get moving through the day, why not give a couple a go through the week and see how you go, anything that gets you moving and expending a bit more energy will help your fitness goals long term and can really help with your mobility.

  • Walking to work- obviously if you’re a commuter or live some distance from work (hello big city living) this isn’t going to work, but what about parking out of town, and taking a 2 or 3km walk or bike from your car into work instead? Have a shower at work? Great, why not jog in and really build a sweat – 3km in and 3km out at the end of your day – there’s a 6km sweat up.
  • Take the stairs- this is an obvious one and a tip that’s been around for years but there really is merit in avoiding the lift – no awkward lift conversations for starters (!!) and stairs help firm the butt up too as well as raising the heartbeat.
  • We all love catching up with friends for a coffee – why not do it while out for a walk? Find a good coffee spot, get a takeaway coffee and hit the pavement. An hours walk while talking with your mate is great therapy as well as exercise – win win!
  • Add in squats while brushing your teeth morning and night – 10 squats at each end of the day will really add up over time.
  • Everyone needs their down time and a lot of us choose TV at night – why not drop and give some push ups during the ad breaks? Start off with an achievable number and work up as you go on.
  • Farmers walk the groceries inside from the car- I’m sure most of us do this anyway to avoid doing 2 trips but why not get some good sturdy recyclable bags that hold a bit, or a carabiner and load the bags up and walk the weight inside, this is a great way to build up strength- even better if you’ve got a 2-storey house and your kitchen is upstairs.
  • Have a desk job or do you sit a lot during the day, swap the desk chair for a swiss ball and work that core.

Hope these little bits help you to try and get more movements out of your day, even adding one in over the course of your week and working up to more can make all the difference.