10320591_225527404308501_673503152472925782_nA friend did Crossfit in South Africa and I have been interested in doing it for  a few years.  Unfortunately due to studying full time, working as ECE teacher, running my own Acrobatics & Contortion Studio and doing horse riding there was no time for Crossfit. When I moved to New Zealand, I was looking for something to do since I have always liked exercise.  I have forgotten about Crossfit and joined the gym.  I ended up with an 18month contract and didn’t go any longer than the first month….too boring for me!  I randomly talked to my friend one day and she suggested I have a look at Crossfit in NZ.  I went to a different box first to have a look.  Honestly I did not like the way things was done and decided to give WOF Crossfit a go.

The coaches and members made me feel welcome straight away, the classes started on time and the workouts were challenging. Yay finally I found something more exciting than going to the gym! My first impressions haven’t changed, they just get confirmed every day.  Coaches genuinely have a passion for training and respect members whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete.  Everybody gets quality training and is equally important.  Members don’t look down on others and support each other to get through the workouts. 996692_184503898410852_529489742_n

Handstands! I use to do these all the time and it has always been one of my favourite challenges!  I haven’t done them in years and I remember the one day when I saw somebody doing them at Crossfit!  I was stoked that I now get the chance to practise it again!  I felt a bit unsure at first about the idea of adults just randomly practising handstands and also that I might not be able to still do them.  Luckily it took only a few attempts for the rustic Acrobatics brain to kick in even though there is still heaps of room for improvement.

My goals would be to do kipping/strict pull ups this year.  Also to get stronger and better balance for more advanced one hand handstand skills.  I feel lucky to be at WOF Crossfit where coaches have been excellent in giving support to scale movements and work around your abilities.

I have honestly never been to Crossfit and thought “I would hated that!” There are definitely exercises that’s not my favourite but I love not knowing what the workout is going to be.   Just showing up, seeing the white board and thinking that’s impossible, but afterwards always thinking wow I survived that and have a feeling of achievement.  I love that even when you finish last you have everybody cheering for you!


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