I was talking to a friend recently about CrossFit (she brought CrossFit up not me, I swear). She had been looking for some sort of training regimen. As we talked, she started searching up CrossFit videos on YouTube. Of course, the first thing that pops up is Mat Fraser squat cleaning what looks like 4000kgs and then Katrin Davidsdotter walks past on her hands, and my friend is dumbfounded. I tell her to come to try a session and her response was “Hmmm… I need to get fit before I try that stuff, it’s pretty intense.”

That seems to be a common perception of CrossFit. That it’s intense and hard work and there is a prerequisite level of skill and fitness required to start doing it. Of course, to be a YouTube highlight video you DO have to be damn fit, damn strong and have dedicated years of your life to the sport. Let’s think about this from a different perspective for a minute. How would you train to do a 10k run? Would you wait until you were fit enough to run 10k? Of course not, that’s just stupid. You start wherever your fitness level is and BUILD ON IT.

“Our understanding is that the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind” Greg Glassman sums it up beautifully here. Anyone can do what we do at WOF. Fitness, strength, age, these are things we perceive as barriers but I promise you they are not. This is for anyone and everyone will find benefits to doing CrossFit.

Don’t believe me? Come to see for yourself.