I walked into CrossFit – actually, fell arse over tit – purely by accident. By ‘accident’ I mean ‘without intention’ (not that I got drunk, passed out, and regained consciousness mid-WOD). It changed my life.

That’s a pretty big thing to say, right? That something is life-changing. CrossFit is life-changing. Here’s how:

DavinaCrossFit will teach you what your body can do.

When I started going to classes (begrudgingly, in all honesty) I thought that maybe, mayyyyybe, being less overweight might be a nice side effect of being drenched in sweat 3-4 nights a week. What I’ve come to realise is that, yes, losing weight has been one of the benefits, but what is even better is finding out what my body can do. It can lift things, run, row, jump, skip, and throw. My body is strong and getting stronger. CrossFit is teaching me to love my body for what it can do, not for how it looks.

CrossFit will build your confidence.

I’ve blogged about it before, but I’ll say it again here.  I have seen a number of newbies come into the box in the past 5 months or so. Most of them try to hide. Most of them have slumped shoulders. All of them look scared. After a couple of weeks, their posture changes; their heads are up and they stop trying to hide. Sometimes I think they’re not even aware of it, but it is definitely noticeable. They stop saying “I can’t” and start saying “I’ll try”. They realise that there’s no judgement here and no pressure. It changes the way they view themselves and the way that they view others.

CrossFit changes the way you think.

I’ve already said that CrossFit changed how I view my body, and that it helps build confidence. CrossFit also silences that voice in your head that tells you to give up – the one that tells you to stop trying, or that you’re going to fail. You find yourself saying “I’ve done this before; I can do it again”, or “I was so close last time, I’ll get it this time”. You’ll tell yourself that giving up isn’t an option anymore and you’ll keep trying until you get there.

CrossFit teaches you the importance of your health.

My workout schedule has become as important as my day-to-day work/study/family commitments. I book my classes and they go into my diary where they are treated like any other appointment I might make. And they become unbreakable. I often find myself saying “Oh, I have a class booked for that day – could we make it for another time?”  It’s not just me, either. This evening my workaholic husband (who I cruelly dragged along to the box with me 6 weeks ago) said “I can’t stay late to fix [that work issue] on Wednesday because I’ve already booked my class.” Miraculous.


1379260_10152703144743574_394468987_nI know we CrossFitters seem to go on about how great CrossFit is, but it’s really not just the physical benefits that we want you to
experience with us. It’s the mental, emotional, family, friendship, and community gains. It’s the life-changing moments that we all go through together as individuals that we celebrate together as a community.

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