Kia ora, I am a mother of 5 beautiful tamariki with the last 2 a set of twins who are now 3.  After every child I had I made my way to the gym and lost some of the weight I had gained then was expecting again! I had always wanted to try crossfit but was too scared to go on my own. There was a introduction work out that I went to and I was hooked.  With the demands of going back to work full time when the twins were 6 months old and my eldest was 6 I was eating just to get through the day with work, study and family life.


I was 115kg at my heaviest and have been at crossfit a little over a year and have lost 35kg.  I still have a ways to go but it has been awesome with coaches/owners that want to see you succeed, give you tips on how to meet your goals with nutrition/training and then it is up to you.  I am still working full time, the kids are still growing and study is still happening while all this going on.  You get a chase up message if you haven’t been around just like family! Sam and Anastasia are awesome people that have created a great atmosphere to train and genuinely care just like all the coaches and that’s what keeps me going back.


My favourite memory is when I wasn’t last anymore because that meant I was able to cheer on others like what others were doing for me.  I plan on being around for a lot longer and just think IF I CAN DO IT THEN ANYONE CAN!!!


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