14202481_10153600146316157_6890370529147959051_nI had been at the gym for a couple of years but was starting to get bored with it. I saw how much my partner, Dan, enjoyed going to WOF CrossFit so I thought I’d give it a try. I found everyone extremely supportive. There’s a great balance between good technique and pushing your limits.

My bright spot and favourite memory are the same thing. Competing at the Rising Stars competition earlier this year gave me a huge sense of achievement and I did so much better than what I had anticipated.

At the moment I’m working on…everything. I’m still trying to sort my technique out for some of the Olympic weightlifting movements (snatch/clean…) so once that’s sorted out I really want to start adding weight and going for some big 1RM. Kipping is also something I would like to learn at some point.