12096346_431615873699652_3154316008087746096_n“After hearing about adaptive crossfit and watching some of the videos thought it would be something different (out of my comfort zone) I could try after doing the New York marathon last year and not knowing that it is something I am actually loving being part of.12195874_431615867032986_894917204191117082_n
After completing my first crossfit lite class I was exhausted in a good way though and body was sore but it is coming up to my 4th week I can see the difference with my fitness and strengths level has improved a lot.
My First bright spot was when I completed my first WOd with seconds to spare, it was the best feeling knowing that I could push myself to the Limit and keep up with the rest, also thinking I can do crossfit and I have no barriers!
I am working towards my first adaptive crossfit competition in December which I am nervous and excited about at the same time
My favourite WOF memory this far would be walking into crossfit lite for the first time and seeing WOD 1 and WOD 2 and thinking to myself what the hell did I get myself into!”
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