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11045432_10153657295372383_5917409184575536336_nFeeling under the weather with your training?…Great Author, Great Read 😅😁

Over the last week or so I have chatted to a few members that have “hit a wall” or have lost motivation for training. When demanding your body physically and mentally to perform at high intensity over time, we often forget to listen to our body. This alone is one of the most important things to any athlete in any sport.. Understanding your body, knowing how it moves and recovers is so soo important. Unfortunately we aren’t superman 😓

Im talking about those days, weeks or months when you are dreading walking through those doors and seeing the workout. When you pick up a barbell that feels 10x heavier then it usually does. When your lunges are gasping for air a lot earlier then you would like them to.
The fact that you are going through this is great! 😂 ..it says that you are doing the best thing to get through this ‘rough season’… SHOWING UP… Showing up and doing what you can WOD in WOD out is powering forward and will eventually get you through the dark tunnel on the gain train !

I say this because I go through this too and have recently gine through this the past couple weeks – ask coach Aaron and Sam, They listened to my sulking hahaha.
Don’t worry it’s not buggy! It often is just your body saying it’s getting a bit run down from the busy lives you lead ! So use your taringas and listen to your body ! Take it easy, but stay consistent and show up, see how your body is moving but still push it.. Don’t let your body think it can get too chilled out haha

How we react to this is potentially makes us stronger physically and mentally. So here are a few helpful tips I have learnt over the years of boxing and crossfit.

  • Show up and work to the best of your ability on the day. Do what u can each day even if it is nowhere near your normal.. Ur still getting gains ! 
  • One day at a time.. Focus on that day/ Workout/ movement.
  • Know that it is not long term.
  • Eat well, FUEL YOUR BODY. Correct food and sleep are very important. This long term is also a huge factor to prevent or minimise these downer seasons.
  • Watch, read or listen to motivational people.
  • Do a good deed and contact someone you haven’t in a long time, just cos
  • Talk to other people.. Accountability and encouragement is often what we need to stay in check. Your surrounded by great people and family … Use them… YOUR NOT ALONE. Iron sharpens iron.
  • Learn about your body!

Coach B-Rad

Here is a good kick up the bum video : Rise & Shine

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