20160116_163302In my area (Porirua, Wellington) it seems like a lot of the CrossFit faithful are female. Whenever I check Instagram or Facebook I see an abundance of bad ass women smiling, grimacing, sparkling, but where are all the dudes? Seriously, guys! I know there is the Gym vs. CrossFit mentality, but I genuinely don’t understand why. Perhaps I’m just not as dedicated a CrossFitter as I ought to be – although, I have introduced four new people into the fold this year #cultfam.

One of the people I’ve brought into my ritual sweat/swear/swole routine is my husband. Believe me, convincing him it was a good idea was about as easy as 16.5. In the end I’m sure he only agreed to shut me up. What is it about CrossFit and Wellington that seems to put men off? My husband would have me believe that it’s cost-prohibitive, however I think he’s just cheap (consider that all four members of our house do CrossFit and his argument is void).

So, with that in mind, I decided I would list some of the worst reasons excuses I’ve heard as to why men apparently avoid CrossFit.

It costs too much

I straight up call bullshit on this. If you go to a regular gym (henceforth called Globo), chances are you pay anywhere between $7 and $30 per week. Fine. At this point you are paying less than an average CrossFit membership. But what say you’re not getting the results you’re after at your Globo? You hook up with a personal trainer at $70* per hour. Now you’re paying between $77 and $100. For less than this (unlimited membership at our box $50) you can have a trainer at every class you go to at your local CrossFit box. Your coach will modify workouts to your needs, push you harder when you need it, and celebrate your bad assness each and every time. If you still fail to see the value in this I’d like to hear from you.

It makes you lose muscle

bodybuildersI couldn’t even type that with a straight face. Are the average CrossFitters huge? No, not really. To be honest, huge isn’t something that appeals to the average person though. Are the
average CrossFitters strong? Hell yes. At CrossFit we build muscles that get used, not just muscles that look good but don’t get used for anything. Do you want to look like Arnie? Ok, keep going to your Globo and making muscles that don’t do anything. Do you want to look like Rich Froning while making muscles that actually help you to live a better life? I got your hook ups right here.

Professional/Olympic athletes would never use CrossFit to train

Let me just stop you there: go have a look at Liam Messam’s Instagram account. Or Olympic weightlifter, Richie Patterson, who came to WOF many times to run lifting seminars. ‘Nuff said.

It’s like a cult

gymOf course, there are literally dozens of ‘reasons’ floating around the internet for why people shouldn’t be doing CrossFit, but this one makes me laugh. Hard. CrossFit is like a team sport. Your team misses you when you don’t show up to training. Your CrossFit buddies will notice when you’re absent, too. Your coach might even send you a message to ask if things are all good or if you need help with anything. No one gives a shit if you don’t go to your Globo. No one calls you. No one notices. Your Globo will keep taking your money regardless of whether you’re there or not. In fact, they bank on you not being there!


Bottom line: if you’ve tried CrossFit for a couple of weeks and decided it’s not for you, all well and good. I’ve tried Globo and decided that I just don’t push myself hard enough without a team around me. I don’t know how to set my own workout program. I certainly don’t know enough to walk into a Globo and start lifting without hurting myself.

WOF offers a free two week trial so you can see if CrossFit is your jam. Why not just give it a go?

*this is an approximate cost and not unusual by industry standards