Last week we talked about how unnecessary it is to get fit before giving CrossFit a go. This week we’re going to continue along that line and have a chat about the idea that you need to lose weight before trying CrossFit.

Primal ChallengeIt’s easy to look at videos of beautifully-honed bodies doing amazing workouts in CrossFit boxes around the world and think that you need to look like that in order to even walk through the door. The truth is that, while some of those people have been fit and active for most of their lives, many more have had to start from a similar place as you. All you need to do is hop on Google, type in “CrossFit + weight loss” and a multitude of success stories will be available to you. And while that’s great, it’s not as real as seeing someone you know, or someone your brother/sister/cousin/neighbour knows. Being able to relate to the person whose story you’re reading (or watching) is much more important. So, check out our Transformation page. These are real people – most of who can be found at WOF on any given day. Some of them were overweight when they started, some of them just needed to get fit and tone up. ALL of them started CrossFit as a means of helping them to reach their goals. They didn’t start at their ideal body shape. They didn’t wait until they were fit or weighed the “right” number (whatever that even means).

If that’s not enough for you, check this out:IMG_20160223_001329

When I started CrossFit I was overweight. I was unfit. I was unhealthy. I was also very unhappy about working out. Three and a half months later I’m less overweight, less unfit, less unhealthy, and I actually enjoy working out. If I had waited until I was fit or until I lost weight I would never have started my CrossFit journey. I’d like to think that I would have done something to help myself, but if I’m going to be honest (with me, and with you) I most likely would have just used “too fat; to unfit” as an excuse not to start. Telling yourself that you need to get fit or lose weight is doing yourself no favours. So, get out of your own way. Come and see us for a free trial and see for yourself how real everyone is and how well you’ll fit in.

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