This question confuses me. I never hear it when people are talking about joining a globo gym or regular bootcamp style of workout, so what’s with people thinking it applies to CrossFit?

If you approached any of the members at WOF and asked them why they participate in CrossFit, I guarantee that you would hear one of the five following answers in some variation:

  1. I want to get fit(ter).12745806_477448665783039_8554281935831604301_n

There is nothing inherently competitive about this statement. The desire to improve one’s fitness is a purely individual thing. Unless they say “I want to get fitter than John*” they’re obviously not there to compete with anyone, except perhaps themselves.

*I totally made up this person

  1. I want to lose weight.

Again, nothing competitive about this. Wanting to lose weight is fine. And none of anyone else’s business.

  1. 12814540_478703362324236_4471221180729815294_nI want to get in better shape.

This combines getting fitter and losing weight. It could mean that this person wants to get leaner, improve stamina, or improve their strength.  Someone please show me where this gets competitive.




  1. I enjoy the classes.

Why? Probably because the people are pretty cool and the coaches actually care about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Just yesterday I was talking with one of our members who said that what she loved about a coach we were discussing was that he was totally aware of her injuries (pre-CrossFit) and had already worked out something else for her to do alongside the rest of the class.

  1. 12711176_472555686272337_4951710492428695322_oIt makes me feel good.

CrossFit makes you sweat. It gives you a giant kick of feel-good endorphins and even after the hardest, ugliest WOD you walk out of the door with a smile and a sense of achievement. You probably improved on something – your reps, your time, your weights. And even if you didn’t see any marked improvement, you know that next time you will.

CrossFit CAN be competitive. But so can eating hotdogs. Everyone comes to the box with a different goal or intention, and that’s totally fine. The whole idea is that you are there working out for yourself. You don’t have to compete against your CrossFit buddies. You don’t have to enter competitions. You are more than welcome to come in, workout, high 5, and leave.  Whether you’re a competitive person by nature, or a friendly want-to-get-(cross)fitter: there is a place for you here. Come on in and see for yourself.

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