11903740_404295333098373_5256990442049926277_nI had started going to a regular gym not long after I met my boyfriend, Liam, and that was great to start with – getting me away from the TV and getting active, but I found it hard to motivate myself to go and I never wanted to go by myself. I never enjoyed the fact that everyone put their headphones on and ignored everyone else. Liam had seen an advertisement for a CrossFit bootcamp on Facebook and suggested we give it a go. At that point the only thing I had heard about CrossFit was that is was intense.

I was surprised when a pregnant Anastasia was taking us for our first workout; can’t be too hard if someone pregnant can do it, right? Holy crap! My first 7 minute workout almost broke me!! I didn’t know I was so unfit. We were welcomed with open arms and smiling faces. Everyone is happy to help and the coaches are always looking to improve your form and skill. I was amazed at the atmosphere of the place and was sold after that. I see how important our CrossFit community is to everyone and how it is so different from the regular gym I had been to. These people wanted more than access to be fit; they wanted the tools and knowledge to make it themselves. Even after almost a year of being here, our atmosphere and community is still strong and is what drives a lot of us.
My first big moment was at the Lower North Island Championship scaled event at Toa CrossFit. I had to clean a weighted bar from the ground and then front squat it twice as heavy as I could. My max at the time was 55kg which I had only done a couple of times before so I thought “Let’s start with that and see what happens”. Well…the adrenaline must have kicked in as I almost threw the bar into my face! I ended up finishing the workout with a new PB of 65kgs – a whole 10kgs more than I had ever attempted (!!!) and finished the whole event in the top half for the women. I was stoked. The support from our box was overwhelming and I had realised I was part of a family. 11755807_386104998250740_3787661309291156565_n
I’m currently working on building my strength in weightlifting and get my cardio up to an average level so I can become a decent overall athlete for the future. CrossFit has definitely changed my life and is an asset to my work as an Arborist. My work is physically demanding and being consistent with training keeps me fit and ready for the challenges ahead. 
My favourite WOF memory is when we had our in house competition and we had a whole bunch of support and amazing sportsmanship, it was a really well run and everyone got together for a BBQ at the end, it’s really great to see how involved everyone gets.
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