DavinaAfter having my third child I noticed that I didn’t just bounce back the way I did after the first and second baby.  I actually felt like I had been hit by a train! I had also lost the determination that I had to exercise and manage my food intake.  I noticed that I was starting to get aches in places that I had never felt before and that I was struggling to keep up with my very active kids.   My week nights consisted of watching TV and having the odd glass of wine followed by chocolate or biscuits or anything else I felt like. Weekends were pretty much the same but with extra glasses of wine.  I started to feel like I was losing control and I wasn’t very happy within myself.  One day I looked at my kids and I thought they deserved a better role model.  I needed to start looking after myself and stop with the excuses!

Joining WOF CrossFit has been life changing for me and my family (my husband is also a member now). I now wonder what I used to do with my time.  I was always complaining about being tired; too tired for the gym that I belonged to (wasted money I’m afraid) and there was never enough time in my day to do everything I needed for my work, for my children and family, let alone for myself!

Thank goodness we discovered WOF CrossFit.  I now have the energy to do all these things and more!  Exercise is a priority for me because it makes me a better person.  Prioritising yourself is not selfish you know….. It’s a necessity.   I love CrossFit.  It’s challenging and rewarding.  Every day is different and you are competing against yourself but as part of a group.

The best part about WOF is the sense of community spirit.  I had heard about how welcoming and supportive WOF CrossFit was but didn’t really believe it until I signed up for my first boot camp.  That was three months ago now.  In this time I have completed weight loss warriors and joined up for 6 months!  And boy do I rep my WOF t-shirts and hoodies when I’m out and about! The people here are truly amazing.  They definitely leave their egos at the door as per our WOF ‘box rules’ and are really encouraging of us newbies.

I love that my kids are welcome here too and that there is a safe place for them to ‘hang out’ if I need to bring them in.  I can’t speak more highly of this place and what it has done for us as a family.

And as for the wine and snacks….well, I now know and can appreciate what is meant by moderation.  I actually don’t miss how awful copious amounts of these things used to make me feel.  It’s as though I have clarity now and I was living in a dust cloud for so long.

Thanks to all the coaches and everyone for welcoming us into the WOF family.

I was lucky enough to come along for a free trial class with a group of ladies from Motivate Me NZ.  Before having my third child I went to another CrossFit gym in Wellington and loved it!  I was always interested in WOF though because I had seen a couple of friends had joined and they were really happy with it.

My first impression of WOF was how I remembered feeling really nervous and thinking “I could jump back in the car and drive home!  No one will know” but I forced myself in the door.  I was greeted by Anastasia and she was super friendly.  I had no idea she owned it at the time.  When I joined Bootcamp I remember walking in and seeing everyone doing the 6.30pm WOD and I was like “Well that will never be me!”  But at the same time I was so amazed and inspired.  I used to worry about having to buddy up with a stranger because I felt so useless or having everyone watch me.  It took about two sessions of Bootcamp before I stopped feeling anxious or nervous.  Now I can’t wait to get there.  I don’t care if I have to go on my own or if people watch me because I know they’re not there judging me.

My first “bright spot” was when I was much (much) younger, I was a runner, but over time I started to hate running with a passion. I knew it would be of benefit to me but because I found it so hard I just developed this dislike for it.  I remember my first run for boot camp.  It was a Coopers test and we had to run as far as we could in 12 minutes.  Man that was hard.  I had to stop several times to catch my breath and I wouldn’t have called it running it was more like a shuffle.  Over time I noticed I was getting better and then the re-test took place.  I didn’t think I would improve but I did and I didn’t stop!  Another member said to me “You’re a really good runner you know” and I just couldn’t believe it.  Someone actually thought I could run!! It was awesome!!

At the moment I am trying to focus on technique and doing things properly.  I also want to make sure I go to WOF three to four times a week.  Fuelling my body with the right food is really important to me now as I don’t want to slip into old habits.

WOF has transformed my life so much that I now do strange things to ensure I don’t miss a workout!

  • I schedule meetings around WODSs
  • I will only go away if I absolutely have to because I don’t want to miss out on going to the box.
  • I made my cousin come and workout with me when she came down from Auckland for a holiday.
  • People ask me to go for a drink after work on a Friday but I’m like “sorry I have an appointment at 5.30pm”
  • If I’m asked to go out on a Saturday then I’m like “Mmmm I have to have an early night because I have something on, on Sunday”


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