Danielle’s nutritional coaching experience
“The nutritional plan was easy enough to follow and made it easy to manage a busy week since I was food prepping a lot more. So after the first couple of weeks, it was stress-free.  I was apprehensive at first but after those first couple weeks, i started to warm up to it a bit. 
I had amazing strength and energy. During my 10 weeks of my nutritional plan, I hit many personal bests at the gym and felt in general that I had more energy for my busy days.
I probably made it much harder than it needed to be because I complained so much.  But no overall it wasn’t hard it just took a little extra time adjusting initially. The first 4 weeks were probably the hardest because results were slow and it seemed like a lot of work for a few hundred grams lost at first but once my body adjusted the weight started melting off and it was very motivating.
Meal Prep made it much easier, an extra hour on Wednesdays and Sundays dedicated to making meals for the week saved me a lot of time later on. Also having all your meals ready so you don’t have to think about what to eat was a life saver.
Anastasia is very patient and that help me especially since I was such a complainer and wanting to see fast results. She kept reminding me that things take time and that the work would be worth it and she, of course, was right. She had a few tough love moments with me but that was exactly what I needed.
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