I put on 5kg in the 4 weeks after my son was born. We had so much help and support, it was incredible. People were bringing us food and helping with chores and my days turned into snatching sleep where I could and caring for this tiny little human that I was terrified of breaking! When I went back to work, I instantly felt so heavy. I could tell that lack of care for myself, along with irregular sleeping and training had NOT been friendly to my body. Mum’s out there have my utmost respect, because if I, the dad went through those changes it is NOTHING compared to what the mum’s go through! But the truth is, most men’s health suffers as well. We just don’t say anything (after everything the women went through, who are we to complain!) I am STILL not happy with where I am at in comparison to pre-baby and it is a daily challenge. I’m committed to keeping myself healthy for my family though and that is the first step, acknowledging that I went through negative changes too, and deciding that it’s important enough to me to do something about it. Cue the Dadbod reboot program – designed to reset anyone’s training and health systems regardless of where you are at right now. Experienced fitness junkie or Pro couch potato, I am going to get you feeling better physically and mentally. 2 sessions a week, comprehensive nutritional guidance and regular catch-ups are all in this program. It’s a one stop shop to reset your fitness and get you on the path to great health!

This program is designed to help reset your training routine (or create a new one!) and create a consistent, effective regimen which will get you leaner and stronger. By combining strength work with high intensity interval elements, we will be pushing your body and mind with each session. Combined with comprehensive coaching and a group setting, you will see dramatic results in the 8 weeks you give to us! 

  • 👉8 weeks x 2 times (Wednesday 7:30pm and Sunday 10:30am) 
  • 👉 starts on 5th September 2018 
  • 👉 personalised meal plan 
  • 👉 nutrition seminar 
  • 👉 measurements, weight in , photos and body fat % scan before and after 
  • 👉 private support group 
  • 👉 unlimited support 

Cost: $349 for the whole package

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Any questions please call/txt 0211980198 or email to info@wofcrossfit.co.nz