What is CrossFit?

whatithinkidomemeAccording to the official CrossFit website it’s “…the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.” But what does that even mean? Is it only for those in the armed forces? Or only for martial artists and elite athletes?

No. CrossFit is for everybody and every body. CrossFit’s founder, Greg Glassman, describes it as a “strength and conditioning programme” – much less intimidating, right? While there are many differing opinions about what CrossFit is and what it’s about, the only way to really find out is to give it a go for yourself. And, shameless self-promotion here: we offer FREE sessions for people wanting to check it out and see what we do.

So what will you find?

For Newbies

10363880_729530453757542_4463848734147007367_nIf you have never put a foot inside a gym-type building before, even pulling into the parking lot might be the first hurdle for you. Most CrossFit boxes (gyms) have loud music, people talking or cheering, and likely someone dropping a loaded barbell on the floor. Trust me, these people are not judging you. Take a deep breath and come on in, I guarantee that someone will smile at you, greet you, and possibly give you a high five just for being in the same area. Seriously. CrossFitters are a super friendly bunch. You’ll no doubt look around and say to yourself “That will never be me”, but give it a few months and newbies will be walking in the door looking at you and feeling just as awed as you do right now. Still think you can’t do it? Check out these over 60s doing it.

For former athletes

Pull ups 2If you’re coming from a team environment then you’re going to love it. Although our WODs (workout of the day) are usually individual, they are completed in a group setting and we all stick around to support those who finish after we
do. One of the things that many people enjoy about CrossFit is the drive to push yourself to do the best that you can do. We’re not about comparison. To be honest, we’re all too busy trying to get through the WOD to worry about what anyone else is doing. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t competition. Compete against yourself, or set your sights on the box record. Either way, you’ll feel right at home and wonder why you didn’t try this sooner.

For people who like group workouts

team-358x200When I first started CrossFit I thought I hated working out with other people. I worried about people staring at my fat rolls, or laughing at me for getting out of breath, or just generally being unwelcoming. How wrong I was! I can tell you from personal experience: CrossFit does community like no other fitness movement. The members say hello to each other, help each other set up or pack up, cheer for each other, congratulate you when you didn’t even do the WOD, and hang out together outside of the box. They notice when you’re not there and, guaranteed, someone will check on you to make sure you’re ok.

So, what is CrossFit? CrossFit is a sport. An activity. A workout. A community. CrossFit will make you stronger, happier, fitter, friendlier (truthfully), and more committed to your health. Doesn’t that sound like somewhere you want to be?

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