gymbreakupSo you and your gym have parted ways. It wasn’t a nasty break up. You just felt like maybe you needed to try something new…the grass was greener…you had to move for work/family/life.

We’ve all been there, right? Break ups are hard even when they’re amicable; but it can be even harder when you realise that you made a mistake and you want to go back. How do you approach your ex and ask for another chance? Is it worth it, or should you just stick it out in your current relationship?


The work/family move

You changed jobs or moved to a different area, and it became less convenient to keep going to your normal gym. You do the ‘sensible’ thing and break up with your gym so that you can sign up with one closer to home or work. At first, this seems like a good idea – until you miss your old workout buddies, the coaches, and the fact that dropping a fart at your old gym wasn’t even something you gave thought to. Now you find yourself easing back on the protein and clenching your cheeks on heavy squats.

It’s ok, we can fix this! If you haven’t moved out of the country or city, send your old gym a message. Let them know that you’re missing them and want to try again. In all likelihood, they’re missing you too and will welcome you back with open arms and a protein party!


The ‘try something new’

Did you see a shinier model and think that you might like to upgrade? Perhaps you didn’t even upgrade; you switched teams altogether! That’s ok, too! We all like to try new things – I mean, that’s basically one of the fundamental elements of CrossFit, right? Most boxes will understand that you need to find something that works for you. I promise they won’t smile smugly when you come back with Nanos in hand asking if you can jump back in on the WODs. While they haven’t been rocking and crying silently in a corner, they will definitely have missed you and will be over the moon that you’ve decided to come back.


Primal Challenge ladiesIn the first instance, just reach out and let them know that you’re keen to rejoin. No box likes losing members of its community and will generally always be happy to have an ex-member come back into the fold. You won’t regret your decision to get back in with the old crowd, either. The community will fit like a pair of well-worn knee  caps and you’ll forget that you ever broke up in the first place.



*If you discover that you have made one of the above mistakes, come and hit our ReBoot program to get you right back into it.