I got into CrossFit a couple of years ago when I first did my On Ramp with Anastasia. I did not pursue it then as I discovered I had a lot of tightness in my muscles, and I was not mentally and emotionally ready. I had just re-enrolled this year starting with Bootcamp on the 9th of January and am now joining in on the other classes. My first impression was that it’s a really supportive community. As a newbie, I didn’t feel threatened or useless if I couldn’t do a particular WOD as it is always able to be scaled. The Coaches are always happy to answer questions.                                  

My impression of it being a supportive and warm community has continued to stay. Little by little, I attend other events to support the community, even if I am not part of it (supporting the Porirua Masters competition, the CrossFit Open and a movie night to name a few) .

My first Bright Spot was when I beat my initial score at Bootcamp at our 6 week re-testing. Each week, I feel I am making slow and steady progress to be stronger and healthier. At the moment I am learning to do hand stands and working on strengthening my upper body.                                             

So far my I have a couple of “favourite memories”: when I did my first wall walk, and watching the CrossFit Open as I was felt all the excitement and the high of achieving a goal.                                                                          

Something my fellow WOFfies may not know about me is that I am a kindergarten relief teacher, a driving instructor, and I love Lego and doing crafts.