10888861_10152997647794913_3027013623313964424_nAfter three Muay Thai fights, lots of heavy pounding on my head and injuries I decided that i need a rest. I need to protect my money making engine (my brain). So i started looking for something to do that will give me the same or more intensity but doesn’t have to get punch on my face during my Muay Thai break.
Remember one day when i was resting at home because of my serious injuries, I saw some Crossfit photos posted by a retired fighter, I said to myself “I can do that”. “That’s easy”. That’s when i look into Crossfit a little closer. I went to a box in the city for a trial session and i smashed it.
“Where is the challenge, i was thinking to myself?” But i desperately need something to do, i am going crazy sitting a home after work. So i decided to sign up for a bootcamp just to maintain my cardio. Can’t remember why i join WOF, but is irrelevant here.
I didn’t complete my bootcamp, I went away for business trip after 3 or 4 sessions and i received a txt from Ana asking if i am interested in joining Crossfit. I was so unfit and thirsty for a really good workout and realizing that i enjoyed fights training more than the fight itself. So maybe i should give Crossfit a chance. I replied and said yes. 10703861_10152669279745067_7890556936215172990_n
Because of my cockiness, I tried to RX my first WOD, OMG, i am not as strong as i thought. I can’t overhead squat a bar, let alone RX weight. I started to respect Crossfit more after the first WOD.  How has it changed? I never leave, never went back to Muay Thai. I have found my new challenge and found a new me (a little humble).
My short term goal is to get at least one muscle up. Long term goal is to improve my weightlifting techniques and get stronger.
I always step in the box with a smile and step out of the box with a bigger smile.
Disclaimer: Individual results may vary



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