My mum had been coming to WOF and was constantly talking about how great the workouts were. It happened to coincide with me changing jobs, so it was no longer easy for me to keep going to my usual gym and I needed to find a new place to exercise.

My first thought was “OMG I am not nearly as fit as I thought I was. Why is the workout only 10min? And why is this 10min killing me?! Also the members and staff were very friendly.
These thoughts haven’t changed. While I know I am fitter, stronger etc it still kills me every time and the staff and members are still super friendly. I love the family/community vibe this place has.

 My very first bright spot was when Aaron complimented me on a workout (I lived for those compliments for a while). More recently, being able to do my first handstand ever which only happened very recently.

I really want to get more handstands! I want to get to the point where I can do handstand push ups and then the big one is the handstand walk.

I have a new favourite memory every time I come to the gym. While it’s not specific to any one event, I cherish the memories where I do a workout I didn’t think I could, handstands, double unders & toes to bar.

Something people may not know about me is that I studied in Dunedin for 4 years to get a double degree (that I don’t really use) and didn’t drink alcohol the entire time I was a university student!