12688129_471150453079527_6020100887668594984_nWe all know that team building activities are a staple in the workplace. They work because they allow team members to connect on a personal rather than purely professional level. They enable us to see one another in a different light, and that creates avenues for communication, conflict resolution, and increased productivity – all wins for the employer! Giving your employees the opportunity to support each other in unusual situations means they are better equipped to support each other at work. At WOF Strength and Conditioning we offer a unique environment in which your employees have the chance to interact through mentally and physically challenging activities that will not only build upon the team rapport, but also improve individual health and strength (which means less sick days and injuries). Here at WOF we do all the hard work for you – all you have to do is get your team to show up! We will take your employees through a range of physical challenges designed to build and enhance trust, communication, and teamwork. We urge participants to actively encourage their peers and can deliver customised activities to suit all ages and levels of physical ability.

1976987_10152632120613574_1557761771_nWhat makes this such a good place for team building? Because it’s how we function as a gym and as a community. Here at WOF there is no individual. Sure, you workout at your own pace and challenge yourself to beat yourself, but the extra magic comes from having your peers around you, cheering you on and pushing you to dig that little bit deeper…run that little bit further…lift a little bit heavier. CrossFit is all about the team environment. It encourages people to get to know one another in situations where they really can’t hide. It engages people. It challenges people. It builds strength – not only physical strength, but mental strength. And why not do something a little unusual to promote team bonding with employees? Healthy employees take less sick days and are happier, more productive members of your team. Let’s start here.