Weekday mornings can be busy, no doubt about it, trying to wrangle everyone out of the house on time, as well as trying to look after yourself can be a real juggling act. Then it comes time for your own breakfast and you’re in such a rush you grab something from your local café because it’s all you’ve got time for.

I can’t stress enough the benefits of ‘Meal Prep Sundays’ – it may seem a bit millennial but spending a couple of hours in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon and preparing a few breakfasts or snacks for the week ahead is so crucial and sets you up for success before the week has even begun. Below are a few breakfast/snack ideas to get you started;

Mini quiches – these are a pretty easy, use up any leftover veges, chuck in the oven kind of snack. Whisk as many eggs together dependent on how many you want to make, add a bit of milk, then add anything you like really! Ham, cheese, courgette, capsicum, broccoli, kumara – really anything goes. Divide it up into muffin trays and bake til golden and cooked on the inside. Store in an airtight container in the fridge and reheat for breakfast or morning tea.

Overnight Oats – these can be made a few days ahead as well, not just the night before. Mix together a third of a cup of each – oats, milk and yoghurt, add in half a mashed banana and a teaspoon of chia seeds (this is per serving so double/triple if making a few batches), put in air tight container and put in fridge. When you need it, dig out your serving and reheat in microwave or a pot and either eat as it is or add your own toppings – banana, berries, granola sprinkled on top gives it a nice crunch, coconut etc.

Muffins don’t have to be full of sugar and by spending a few minutes on google searching out easy breakfast muffin ideas will yield thousands of simple yet tasty recipes as well, beware of hidden sugars and remember the likes of bananas and berries will sweeten a recipe well so try to choose the recipes that use fruit or natural sugars instead of the refined sugar laden ones. This is a good example of a yummy and simple recipe perfect for making ahead of time and keeping in the pantry – http://www.lifemadefull.com/banana-cinnamon-muffins/