Favourite Health and Wellness Tips

There’s so much out there now in the way of health and wellness and ‘how to do it right’ when in fact there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Everyone’s journey is going to be different and it’s about finding what works for you and how to adapt it to your life style....

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Breakfast and Snack Ideas On The Go

Weekday mornings can be busy, no doubt about it, trying to wrangle everyone out of the house on time, as well as trying to look after yourself can be a real juggling act. Then it comes time for your own breakfast and you’re in such a rush you grab something from your...

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Dadbod Reboot

I put on 5kg in the 4 weeks after my son was born. We had so much help and support, it was incredible. People were bringing us food and helping with chores and my days turned into snatching sleep where I could and caring for this tiny little human that I was terrified...

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Incidental Fitness – How To Get More Out Of Your Day

For those of us with office jobs, sedentary jobs or just busy lives in general, we can struggle to get in enough steps and movement throughout the day sometimes, and this is where incidental fitness can come in. What is it? Well, it’s where you work in extra steps or...

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Finding The Balance

This week's blog is from our amazing coach, Liam. He discusses finding the balance between parenthood and finding time for yourself. My life through the first 12 months of my son's life have been spent in absolute awe of him. Parenting wasn't completely new to me (I...

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Why Go Women’s Only?

For some of us, the benefits of female-only training groups are obvious: comfort, community, and focus. Others may not have fully realised just how beneficial or important these benefits can be. Comfort & Support Let’s start with the benefits we can all understand...

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Muscle Versus Fat

You know what the inside of a gym looks like right? You work out fairly regularly but you seem to have hit a wall? Scales not moving, or even…they’ve increased (!) Sound familiar? Well first of all, scales are for fish, are you a fish? If you answered no, then read on...

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I’m not fit enough for CrossFit

I was talking to a friend recently about CrossFit (she brought CrossFit up not me, I swear). She had been looking for some sort of training regimen. As we talked, she started searching up CrossFit videos on YouTube. Of course, the first thing that pops up is Mat...

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You want to lose some weight. You want to be ready to kick butt at that competition you signed up for. You want to PR your Snatch. You want that elusive ring muscle up. These are goals, right? And goals are great, don’t get me wrong. But they’re not going to get you...

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