After suffering from 2 ruptured Achilles I could no longer play netball. My sister in law had been attending a bootcamp in town and said they can adapt workouts for injuries etc. I did some research and rung WOF as well as some others, but WOF was the only bootcamp that replied to my message! 
Whenever you walk into a new place it can be quite overwhelming. I knew no one and had no idea what I was in for. It was amazing to see a familiar face in a couple of ex-students, that unbeknown to me would put me through my paces week after week. I feel very at home at WOF I like the fact that I work out with familiar faces every week. It’s a very tight-knit class, very supportive of each other and fun.
I still know that the coaches will put me through my paces each week, and am not embarrassed to say I often pray for rain so we don’t have to run!  
My best feeling was beating a woman (who has since left) in every aspect of a fitness test. She told me I wasn’t at all fit about 6 months after I started.
I am working on toning up and weight loss.
I love everything about WOF! I love walking out of that place absolutely spent!!!! That and the friendships I have made in the last 2 years! 
Things you did not know about me:
  • This year my iron levels were so low they talked about a transfusion. Since then I have started eating red meat and they are now perfect.I am a red meat convert!! I like animals more than humans.
  • I’d be lost without my Tuesday and Thursday ass kick!!!!