10477524_10155452271970368_6712765496523881044_nSo, I’m obviously no athlete. Having had two kids and not doing any ‘real’ exercise in 5 years, 114kg and no self-confidence, I was desperate to start feeling better about my body.  I’d heard about Crossfit, so I Googled it … started reading about it and thought “Well, that’s clearly not for me … I can’t lift a ream of paper let alone a bar with weight on it …. And me, running …. No poor soul should have to witness that sight.

I built this picture in my head that Crossfit was only for people who are super strong, athletic and extremely fit people, everything that I am not. That someone like me, would simply not fit in.

Then I came across the WOF Crossfit website. I saw that they had a bootcamp, and thought I should give that a go, while its not Crossfit, it would give me the intense exercise I needed, so I left my comfort zone and signed up.

During the 6 weeks of bootcamp I could feel and see myself getting a little bit fitter each week (even though I thought I was pushed to my limits and felt like I couldn’t go on… BUT I DID), gave me all the motivation I needed to join Crossfit, and maybe, just maybe, I might be able to prove myself wrong, that Crossfit IS for me.

Driving to my first WOD, the only thing going through my head was ‘what the heck am I doing? TURN THE CAR AROUND. I can’t do this. I’m putting myself into a situation where I am going to feel completely humiliated because of my size and my fitness level. Well …. It’s too late now, I just parked the car and people have acknowledged me.’ Deep Breath.
Everyone was so friendly and I was made to feel welcome. When the WOD started there was no expectation that I should know what any of the skills were, or how to do them. The coaches explained everything and assisted everyone (not just me) with their techniques. Yes, there were exercises that were scaled back to fit my abilities but there were people that have been coming to Crossfit for months, and they are doing scaled versions too. I wasn’t an outcast. Everyone was there for the same reason, to progress at their own pace. We working towards our own INDIVIDUAL goals. It wasn’t about competing with the person standing next to you. But at the same time we were working out as a team.
I was a sweaty mess by the end of the session, and felt like I possibly might not be able to walk to the car, but it was the best feeling. I just finished my first Crossfit class. And I was still alive. I didn’t feel like I was an outcast newbie that didn’t belong. I felt elated!10308222_361045564090017_3857489181001426493_n

Burpees. When I first started at WOF, I had never done a burpee in my life. We had to do as many burpees as we could in 1 minute, someone showed me how to do it, but I physically struggled. I literally got on my hands and knees, lay down, got back up on my hands and knees, then stood up and did a star jump. I did that for a minute and it was awful. I felt so stupid and embarrassed. That was my lowest point. I was so exhausted from the WOD, and I just cried. I wanted to give up. But of course, the support and encouragement was so overwhelming that I didn’t give up, I finished the WOD and felt great afterwards. Within a few short weeks, and with some tips from coaches, I could do a burpee. While it wasn’t/ and still isn’t as seamless as it should be, I can actually do something that could pass as a burpee. I DID IT!

I’m working on losing more weight. I lost 18kgs within 4 months of being at WOF. I only go twice a week, and have done two primal challenges but at the moment this fits in well with my family life and I am getting results I’m pleased with. But I am determined to get to my goal weight by my 30th in September!

My favorite memory at WOF was at my last night of boot camp, when we completed our final fitness test and compared it to our initial fitness test on the first night. The thought of the 2.4km run had been making me feel sick all day. I did not want to go, but at the same time I wanted to see how far I had come in 6 weeks and whether I had improved. It was mid-winter, freezing cold, and hailing (Yes, ACTUALLY hailing). Everyone else had finished their run, and it was just me still going, but moments after realizing I was once again the last one by far to finish (not that I worried about that, I just wanted to beat MY previous time), a group of the bootcampers came out and ran the last few laps with me, to provide support and encouragement. Everyone cheering me on, and supporting me whole heartedly got me through, and that is my favorite memory at WOF. At a time that I thought I would be alone, battling to get through the run and hopefully beat my initial time, I wasn’t. I had the whole team with me, by my side, encouraging me, and celebrating my achievement. Everyone else believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I beat my initial time by 5 minutes.

Joining WOF Crossfit has given me a confidence in myself I never knew I had, or could ever have. The people and culture at WOF Crossfit are what make it what it is. The coaches are experienced and provide all the technical advice and an abundance of encouragement and support you need. They challenge the mental limits you set yourself and it shows that if you have a group of great people working WITH you, that are there to support you and vice versa, you can accomplish anything

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

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