10153725_10151930507586370_1774999288_nAndy’s Story: 

“Hey guys, I am a bit of a gym junkie, and was member to three gyms prior to joining the WOF family, I like to train hard and be competitive and that’s what brought me to WOF Cross fit. I remember the first class I attended was Double Unders, now that was a laugh, but I was determined to nail those suckers, so I went out and purchased two new speed ropes and practised and practised until I could manage to do a hand full of jumps unbroken, I had scares on my arms and  my arse (from the rope) , but now a year or so on my PB (personal best) is 93 unbroken, so practise is the way to go…

I started doing morning class 6.00am then coming back for second helpings at 5.30pm is this is getting addictive or what, I have also been participating in some one on one (Personal Training Sessions)  which is certainly improving my lifting skills and my strength, and would certainly recommend this to any member.


My goal is to do well in the Masters division and with some luck get a spot in the regionals which would be the top 200 in the world, but one thing that’s is letting me down is the muscle ups as I have not as yet managed to do one, and this will certainly be one of the workouts, so the only thing I need to do is try harder.

One of the things I love about WOF Cross fit is that its generally the slowest to finish gets the most appraise and encouragement  from the members, that to me is just awesome, well done team.”

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