I was at the money machine one day, and a guy was ahead of me wearing a WOF shirt. I asked him a bit about it and then went along to Wall Place later that morning and watched a class for a bit. My first impression was just WOW.  There was this scary Russian lady who came up and talked me into paying for an On Ramp course. I still feel like WOW when I walk in, and I’m still a little bit scared of the Russian lady (even though she’s really nice).

My first bright spot came shortly after I started at WOF, which was finishing Karen (a CrossFit benchmark WOD where you attempt to do 150 wall balls at 9kgs in under 12 minutes).  I have some recurring injuries so I’m currently focusing on trying to fix those, lose weight and then DUs and snatch will be my next goals.

My favourite thing about CrossFit and WOF is being able to do the classes with my daughter.

A bit about me: I am a speed freak (I once skied from the top of Mt Hutt to the bottom in 3 turns and had to give up motorcycling due to my bad habit of racing trains along Glenside Rd and using Grey’s Rd as my personal racetrack)