January 2015

I had recently turned 40 and 10 weeks earlier had my third knee op for torn cartilage.  My body was feeling tired, I was out of shape and had no tone after having two children, youngest being nearly 2 years old.  My core was non existent and had those ‘mum issues’ after having the kids, skipping – haha, running – what a joke, trampoline – need I say anymore.  It was time for me to give something back to my body and improve my overall health and fitness. 11826058_393252267536013_948919799795934679_n

OMG, I was in shock when I first walked in.  There were some hard out people doing double unders, lifting weights and totally focused on what they were doing.  What had I done, was this really for me?  I had signed up for a six week Bootcamp and thought that was completely doable.  I’m a person who HATES gyms and the thought of working out at a gym does not motivate me, it’s totally not my thing.  I’m more of a team sports kind of person or playing a sport that is fun and doesn’t feel like you are having a hard work out.  Squash used to be that sport for me, it was a mind game of how to get to that little black ball while running around the court and having a great time.  

After my first six week Bootcamp I was hooked.  The Bootcamp crew are awesome and like me there are a lot of mums in the group trying to build their fitness and helping their bodies recover from having children.  I felt right at home as we discussed our ‘mum issues’ and the challenges of making the class twice a week. 

The Bootcamp coaches were brilliant at scaling every WOD and adjusting everything because of my knee ops.  If it wasn’t for their encouragement and working with me through each WOD I wouldn’t have lasted my first Bootcamp.  I now take fish oil and glucosamine and my knees are feeling so much better.

WOF is different, it’s fun, it’s inspiring, the people are great and the workout kind of comes second. 

My first bright spot came after my second Bootcamp.  I started believing in myself and could see the results in my body.  I had changed shape, I was fitting clothes better and I was eating well.  It was when other people started noticing the changes in my body that became my encouragement to  really step things up.  I decided to do one last Bootcamp and then do On Ramp so I could do Crossfit classes.

I now go to CrossFit Lite twice a week.  It’s my goal to go do three classes a week with one of those classes being a CrossFit class.  Working fulltime, juggling two children and other commitments, make it challenging, however I know I can do it.  I’m doing the Team Primal Challenge and my goal is to get back to my pre pregnancy weight, I’m not far off, just a couple of kg’s to go.  I’m working on increasing my weights, double unders and some running!  I even managed 1km non stop the other day and my knees weren’t sore, totally stoked!

My favorite memory at WOF was competing in the second year anniversary in house competition.  I thought it would be a good idea to see how far I had come in my Crossfit Journey.  I entered the beginners section and there was only four of us.  I thought 4th place would be a good spot for me.  To compete in all three WOD’s I had to do all WOD’s which meant no scaling, running was part of each WOD and up until the competition I had only achieved a 400m run.  I was totally stoked when I finished all WOD’s including running (not walking) and coming 2nd in the beginners section!  My WOF medal sits in the kitchen on the noticeboard and everytime I walk past it it’s a reminder that I need to believe in myself and remember that feeling of huge accomplishment.

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