So what brought me to WOF was my sister. I had always had an interest for it and tried it a couple times before, but seeing my sister be the athlete that she is (she will have the biggest head if she sees this lol) made me want to join in on the fun, be a bad ass lifter and be a part of a cool community.

My first impression was this looks awesome but was also quite intimidating. If I’m honest nothing has changed it’s still pretty awesome except when we have to run 2km lol. That’s not awesome…

For me, my first bright spot was at the Fittest Mums Comp and getting a PB of a 60kg squat clean. I was so happy because I had never practiced squat cleans before and it was my first attempt so yayuuurr go me! At the moment I’m trying really hard to work on my squat snatch, its something I find really challenging and am so determined to perfect it.

My favourite memory to date is probably the Open. Just the whole atmosphere of it is so cool and exciting. It’s so serious and intense but at the same time so fun! The support from everyone makes you want to do the best you can and try achieve a new PB.

Something that you don’t know about me…well I do have a pretty severe chocolate addiction…like everyday. I’ve tried to cut it out but it’s better for everyone if I don’t lol .