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12030821_852199568238756_1509358207_nWhat brought me to WOF? Basically I saw it on Facebook. I was studying at Uni and struggling to commit to sports because I couldn’t always make it to training and games. I also know my body. I’m not one of those people with high metabolism things. If I do not exercise I will gain weight – that is a fact. I also like to eat nice food, so I gain weight even faster because I’m not willing to give up bread and cheese. So I saw Anastasia posting on the Porirua Facebook page, and after the 5th or 6th time seeing her post I decided to bite the bullet and ring the number. 

 My first impression came from their website. I saw all these fit muscly people and thought hmm no I’m not doing that. But I looked and read their page back to front two or three more times and thought hey it doesn’t hurt to give it a go. I made an appointment to do one of the beginner classes and I actually remember driving towards the cul-de-sac where WOF is and thinking “If I turn the car around now I can get out of this and just go home”. I think about that moment all the time because I nearly turned the car around, but one of the best decisions I’ve ever made is forcing myself to go to that class.

 My first bright spot actually came from a dark spot that I had competing in my first competition in Mt Maunganui. I completely bombed at that comp. Nerves got the better of me, I felt like I couldn’t breathe right before and during each workout. My technique just went out the window. This experience helped me in the Hawkes Bay comp I competed in a few months later, which was a real bright spot for me. I learnt that instead of letting the pressure get to me, I really needed to thrive and I had a blast with all of the WOF peeps that weekend. Every competition I’m in now, I always think back to the Mt Maunganui comp. Winning our region in the NZ Fitness league in 2014 was another bright spot for me as I loved competing with my friends  in high pressure situations.
I also got my first bar-muscle up recently. A great feeling after a lot of fails.    

 I was not good at anything when I first started Crossfit, the only thing I could do ok was run. After a lot of persistence I’ve started to get the main Crossfit movements under my belt and my goal is to get to the RX level and compete with the big boys and girls in NZ, I have been able to compete in one RX comp so far. Sometimes I have my moments where I just don’t want to go to training, and I either make the right decision and get my ass to the gym or I make the wrong one and stay home and watch Netflix. But when I do make that wrong decision, or when I have a sookie moment and don’t go for a few days, in the end I always force myself to go back. I’ve been able to tick a lot of things off my to-be-able-to-do list, and still have a way to go.

Another big goal is being able to learn some new skills with coaching at WOF, which is something I will be working on this year.


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