• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 
  • CrossFit Kids Coach
12118646_10153625214507383_8560226037845649850_n (1) Kia ora my name is Aaron.  I started CrossFit in 2013 after my girlfriend went to a class and recommended I give it a go. My first class was a beginners class, which was where we learnt all of the movements. At the time I thought “oh this is pretty cool it’s just strength training I could use this for my rugby training”, but it was the first WOD (Workout Of the Day) that I did that really made an impression on me. It was hard. I remember sitting down on the floor afterwards, sweating, breathing heavily, but wanting to go again! Ever since I have been hooked and loving it!
6 months after starting CrossFit I competed in my first competition and placed 28th out of 40 in the scaled division. This was a real bright spot for me in my entire sporting endeavors. This year, in the same competition and division, I came 5th out of 50. This was a huge accomplishment as I was aiming to make top 10.
At this stage I am trying to work my way into the RX division which is the top division. I have been working hard on conditioning and weightlifting. 
The thing I love the most about CrossFit is how even a small guy like myself can really keep up with the big boys. I’ve played rugby and hockey all through College, and played 4 years of club Rugby and Hockey. I was the guy who went to every training and tried my best, but with no real results. I also went to regular gyms, but ended up just listening to my music and walking around. In CrossFit, time, effort, and consistency really does pay off. 10802007_10154908647555344_3741128692268603968_n
As a coach I love to teach Olympic lifting movements. It is very technical, one little adjustment can make the biggest difference and that’s why I love it. I also like talking about tactics when it comes to WODs. CrossFit is a thinking sport as well as a physical sport.
I recently gained my Level One Trainers certificate. I really started thinking seriously about coaching when I realized how much I loved helping people after classes and during competitions. I then started interning at WOF and am now coaching multiple classes a week. I love seeing people progress with any sort of movement whether it be there first double under, a 1kg pb, or first workout finished before time cap. 
At WOF I have made so many friends, it is a very fun and friendly place to learn and sweat!