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Decided to join your local CrossFit gym to see what all the fuss it about?


You probably know a little bit about exercise, or your regular gym just isn’t satisfying you enough, correct?

Most people that are drawn to CrossFit are either

  • Bored from the normal gym routines
  • Want a new fresh way of exercising
  • Like the  idea of group-focused workouts
  • Have seen the amazing God-like bodies of The CrossFit Games athletes on ESPN and have the desire to achieve something like that!

If you don’t fall into this category, don’t worry I have you covered.

This post is your guide to beginning CrossFit. (If you are not signed up to the WOF CrossFit Newsletter then you can sign up here).

A Word of Caution

One thing you should be aware of though, is that when you join a CrossFit gym, start learning all the movements, getting involved in the community and finding things about yourself you never knew you had in you, it will be very hard to go back to your old ways of exercise. So be prepared to challenge yourself, test your limits and ultimately grow stronger mentally and physically.

You ready? Let’s go…

CrossFit Vocabulary

First things first. Whenever you meet someone new you both need to be able to speak the same language. CrossFit has it’s own culture. And with culture comes a specific language. Here is some terminology used in CrossFit. No matter what CrossFit gym you are at, they all use the same words.

WOD: ‘The ‘Workout of the Day’, the most important acronym you have to know. The WOD is likely the first thing you’ll look for when you walk into your new gym, and it’s what your body will remember on your way out. That workout will involve “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement” — the theory underpinning CrossFit that makes athletes better, faster and stronger  — and will be the focus of your training that day.

CrossFitter: This is what you become after you have completed the on-ramp course. Welcome to the CrossFit family 🙂

Box: Common term for a CrossFit Gym

The Girls: a series of iconic WODs, each given a girl’s name. When asked the reason, CrossFit founder Greg Glassman reportedly said: “Any workout that leaves you flat on your back, staring up at the sky, wondering what the hell happened deserves a girl’s name.”

Paleo: the favored diet of CrossFitters.; entails eating the way our cave-man ancestors did, so lots of meat and vegetables; no dairy, legumes or grains

Kipping: a small but powerful full-body movement originating in the hips; used to create momentum particularly as part of a pull-up

AMRAP: acronym for as many rounds (or reps) as possible

Rx’d: prescribed; means that a workout was completed exactly as written using the recommended weight

Mobility: distinct from flexibility; training to improve motor control and movement of the joints, enabling the body to reach full range of motion on all exercises

Globo Gym: Seen that movie ‘Dodgeball’ with Ben Stiller as the owner of the gym called ‘Globo Gym’ ? Well that is the nickname CrossFitters give places like this.

Coach: All WOD classes you attend will have a CrossFit qualified Coach. This is what differentiates CrossFit from your normal Globo gym. At a Globo gym you have to pay high fees to get a personal trainer even for 30 minutes. You can get personal attenttion from your coach at every session which is included in your membership. You can call them Coach Name, for example Coach Anastasia.


Expect Pain and Fun

I’m letting you know now. There are going to be times when nothing seems like fun but feels like a lot of pain. Expect it.

You don’t ever grow though mentally or physically without pushing your limits and experiencing a little or a lot of pain.

You came to CrossFit because you wanted change. This is your chance, take this opportunity and push yourself! It’s going to hurt yes,  but that’s why your Coach is there, that why there are others around going through the same pain together.

At the end of pain is a reward.


In saying that, most of what you experience at your CrossFit gym will be fun. That’s why you came here right? Because your Globo gym routine was boring you.

That’s the great benefit of starting CrossFit. You’ll most likely have dress-up WODs, (imagine working out as Batman, or Wonderwoman), team challenges, nutrition challenges and even in-house competitions.

Watch this fun video here from our Spring Challenge – Handstands

(Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch more fun videos)

CrossFit is designed to be super fun and at WOF CrossFit we also offer a fun Kids CrossFit programme.

So expect some pain, it will be worth it and your results will show it.

Get Amongst It

If ever there was one thing that makes CrossFit unique, it is that it has created its own community.

You will get to know names of other members in your CrossFit Box. You may even have to partner up with someone else and complete a workout together. You might finish last and have the rest of your members cheer you on, or you finish first and you help cheer others on.

Something magical happens when you bring a group of people together to work ridiculously hard.

Friendships are made, limits are broken and gains are achieved. It’s truly magical.

Because doing tough s@#* brings people together.

CrossFit brings people together.

10260028_225678474293394_6553308841001013089_nNo more feelings of being left out or unknown at your glogo-gym. Everybody supports you and has your back.

When you join a box you join a community. A band of people committed to working towards bettering themselves to take on the challenges life throws at us.

So whenever there is an opportunity to attend an event, participate in a competition or just be a support person – Get amongst it.

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Have some more advice for others beginning CrossFit? Leave us a comment below!

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