12335987_1041624459210770_833411804_nWow am I proud! I survived six weeks of the Wof Summer Body Challenge.
Why am i so proud? I have never had any self control, put some chips in front of me and they would be gone in 30seconds. I did not exercise at all.
I have two beautiful children and i had a million excusses why i didn’t have time to loose weight.
One night i was surfing facebook and came across the ad for the Summer Body Challenge. I ignored it. The next night i clicked it. The next night i read it again. The next night i read it again. The next night i messaged and asked a few questions. The next day i paid so i couldn’t get out of it.
What had i got myself into?
Well i got myself into six of the hardest yet satisfying weeks of my life. Four nights a week of crossfit lite along with a 24/7 change of my lifestyle and diet.
I cut carbs, sugar and crap food for the whole six weeks. A couple of pieces of birthday cake at parties but otherwise12348337_1041624455877437_1336385984_n i stuck to it. No bread! Chips! Lollies! Sounds like hell? Well after about 4 days of craving everything i couldn’t have I got over that and it got easier. I was trying to prove myself wrong that i could in fact do this.

The support and fun that came along with the team and coaches at WOF CrossFit was amazing. Every night we were all pushed to our limits by Aaron and ourselves.
I hated running, always have. I was vocal about this… so we ran… most nights! This was a huge accomplishment to get through the running every time.
Aaron pushed everyone of us those four nights a week, he wasn’t worried about being hated on the night because he knew we would be loving him when we started to see the results.
Anastasia was great she checked in with us all and reminded us of our goals she was a great support. Seeing her train along side us was very uplifting and made me feel very supported.      
12348262_1041624439210772_2093712232_n Day1                     6week results
Weight 69.2kgs         61.5kgs= 7.7kgs lost
Chest 95cm               86.5cm=8.5cm lost
Waist 93.5cm            80cm= 13.5cm lost
Hips 111cm              102.5cm= 8.5cm lostI look forward to getting back to Wof next year.

Ash 🙂 

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