“Exercise Helps Beat Depression”

That’s not just a saying, according to ScienceDaily.com that is a scientific fact

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Many people think that exercise or more specifically CrossFit is just about lifting heavy weights, exhausting runs or grueling workouts. However there is more to CrossFit than just exercising.

Exercise is known to be a proven factor to help keep depression away and to help manage it when it strikes.

CrossFit is about exercising yes, but a big part of what makes CrossFit what it is is the community feeling that you get.

There are ton’s of stories about how people have discovered better lives for themselves and cured their depression through joining CrossFit.

Take 2013 and 2014 Masters champion Amanda Allen for example.  Read her article ‘The CrossFit Games and My Battle With Depression’ on BreakingMuscle.com here

She says “Vulnerability and honesty are our greatest strengths in learning to accept and manage depression”

Watch this video here at about 2:20 where Amanda Allen is featured,

Another member of the CrossFit community has also shared how he was able to beat 3 serious counts of depression through CrossFit on the CrossFit Journal 

“…just three months later, I am on top of the world. It seems like a miracle to me.” – Tom Belligan on the CrossFit Journal

3 Guaranteed Ways To Beat Depression Through CrossFit

CrossFit is more than just an exercise at your normal gym.

  • You belong to a community of like-minded individuals
  • You have a sport to focus on and
  • Performance goals to work towards

Like we have already said, studies around the world have concluded that to prevent, cure and manage depression effectively you need:

  • social interaction
  • meaningful activity
  • exercise
  • good nutrition
  • sleep
  • sunlight

All of which CrossFit provides.

Here are 3 guaranteed ways to beat depression with CrossFit:

1. Join your local CrossFit gym


Joining your local gym and exercising can definitely help manage depression. But why not go one step further and join your local CrossFit Box? You receive at least 3x the benefit all in one package.

Need a workout buddy? Find one at your local CrossFit box or even better workout with a lot of other workout buddies during normal class times. (You can see our timetable here)

2. Attend classes and make new friends


Attending a CrossFit class at the same time every day, meeting the same people decreases the risk of depression as listed here on www.depression.org.nz,

You will always make new friends at CrossFit. Friends help you beat depression and CrossFit is the perfect combination of friends and exercise.

3. Get involved in the CrossFit community

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One of the big problems with exercise is motivation.

Being part of a community and forming new relationships with people will hold you more accountable and motivate you than if you were to just exercise on your lonesome. Somewhere you should not be if you are facing depression.

What you can do to help

When people are depressed, they often lose motivation and don’t have much energy. Sometimes they lose interest and pleasure in things they once enjoyed. This can make it really hard to do even normal everyday activities, let alone extra physical exercise. Be an understanding friend and encourage them to get active. The best way is to get in there and join them or invite them to join your CrossFit Box.

Exercise also provides a great opportunity for your friend or whanau member to get out of the house and socialise with other people.

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Getting physically active has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to help you deal with depression. Doing regular physical activity – such as walking, swimming, dancing, playing sport, going to the gym or even gardening – is likely to be helpful, even for quite severe depression.

If you want to try something new then come along and give CrossFit a go. It has all the listed prescriptions for managing/curing depression.

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