I’m ready to get my groove back

Now is the time. What’s best for you?

As I’m sitting here reflecting on all the amazing things that have happened this year, I’m impressed with how often people give to others at the expense of their own well being.

Many people are so focused on their families, taking care of them and building a future for them, that they sacrifice their own health and well-being in order to put as much time in as possible.

We’ve done that, I’ve been there. Working 60-80 hours a week, moving our daughter from place to place, trying to sneak in 30 min with my husband. It’s exhausting.

The New Year is coming!

There is no time like the present to break the cycle of tearing yourself down day after day. You’ve done this before. You know that you feel better when you exercise and eat right. You know that we can help guide you and support you.

We want to help you have more to give, feel better, and gain the satisfaction of personal accomplishment. Doing something for yourself can feel really good and give your soul the energy to give it back to others. It’s a win-win for everyone.











I’m ready to get my groove back

We’ve grown,…a lot.

You may have been a member 5 years ago, or 6 months ago OR not all. We’ve grown in our understanding of what we are called to do and in our ability to provide an individual experience for each person that asks for our help.

 We understand that each person has a unique need and we’ve made adjustments to help meet that need. CrossFit is still the basis of what we do, but we’ve added  Personal Training, Specialized courses, high quality Nutrition services, and we’ve completely changed how we teach fitness and wellness lifestyle habits.

Why did you come see us before? What results were you looking for and since you’ve been gone, have you achieved those results? Have you found a program that can get you where you want to be?

Just for you

I want you to come back and let us help you take your health to the next level. Because you’ve worked with us before, you know some of how we coach, and the importance of proper movement and building good habits.

  • Come in and commit to 90 days. We’ll give you 90 days to get back into the groove.
  • You’ll get a all the guidance you need in some one-on-one time with a coach to refresh you on the movements and assess where you are.
  • You’ll get nutrition guidance to help you lose fat and fuel your body for the workouts.
  • You’ll get a GOAL setting session to hep you to stay on track.
  • You get up to 12 classes a month to get that high intensity workout that does so much good for your body.
  • Come in and sign up before Christmas and we will give you a 2 x Refresher PT sessions to get you back into the groove.

Click on any of these buttons and setup a time to come in and get started. We’ll even throw in an Inbody Body Composition scan to get you started with good solid data so you can see how much you improve after 90 days!

I’m ready to get my groove back