Monday the 23rd December 2013

8:30am WOD and 17:30 Open Gym   “Loved the open gym tonight. Really good to be able to work on things that have been bugging me with my technique. These ears are listening Mills and online casino Ana but it might just takes the body a little longer to get...

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

Christmas Hours December: Mon  23/12:  8:30am WOD, 5:30pm Open Gym Tue   24/12:  8:30am WOD, 5:30pm Open Gym Wed  25/12:  CLOSED Thu   26/12:  CLOSED Fri      27/12:  8:30am WOD, 5:30pm Open Gym Sat     28/12: 8:30am WOD Sun   29/12: CLOSED Mon   30/12: 8:30am WOD,...

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