Back when I was in Auckland, I was running my own  business I had no time for gym classes. My goal was to lose weight and get food programming. All I wanted was fast results. Something where I could turn up any time my flat-out busy schedule would allow!

I’m always being pushed for time, so I like to get my workouts done quickly. In and out. But I’ve always wanted 100% attention that you just cannot get at regular classes.

So I understand what it’s like:

  • to feel frustrated at hitting fitness and strength roadblocks
  • to feel confused about what to do and how to do it
  • being too embarrassed to join big group classes
  • being overwhelmed and getting caught up in the busyness of life
  • being pushed for MY time to take care of my health and fitness
  • to lose motivation to do anything

I get it.

Which is why I have listed 14 reasons you need a personal trainer to help you overcome those obstacles and push forward to reaching your goals:

1. You Get Fast Results

It’s a fact. When you have a one-on-one with a personal trainer you will get faster results than just turning up to a wod every week. So it depends on you really. Ask yourself this… “How fast do I want results?”

2. You Get An Accountability Sheriff

Personal training sessions literally FORCE you to turn up. You have someone there that’s waiting for you to help you stay on track. And there’s nothing better than knowing someone else is keeping you honest so you don’t lie to yourself. Everybody needs someone to hold them accountable. Get your own accountability sheriff to whip you into shape!

3. You’ll Get Boatloads of Motivation

Let’s face it, we are all human. We all need it every now and then. The will to get out of bed at 6am. The will to get off the couch. The will to complete the number or reps and sets. Your personal trainer is your motivator when you can’t motivate yourself.

4. You Get Expert Advice

If you were sick would you pay a friend that knows ‘a bit’ about prescribing medicine or would you just rather pay a doctor? Exactly. If you want results, accountability and motivation then you need expert advice from a personal trainer. Still don’t understand something that was taught during the WOD? Then you need a personal trainer to help fix this. Expert advice is worth the cost especially when it benefits you in the end.

5. You Get Personalized Programming

The daily WODs are awesome don’t get me wrong. But are they specific to your goals? A personal trainer gives you training that is specific to you and what you want. It pays to get expert advice and speeds up your results so you can achieve the goals you want.

6. You Feel Confused Most Of The Time

I know Coach explained it in the WOD but how do you do Turkish Get Up’s again? Ever get that feeling where you don’t really know what you’re doing? Then you need to book in for a personal training session. This is where you will get shown everything you need to know or are confused about. Confusion leads to frustration and frustration can lead to overwhelm which can then lead to poor performance or results. So do yourself a favor and get unstuck with help from a personal trainer!

7. You’ve Reached a Plateau

Aka you have stopped getting any gains! This is a terrible place to be in. Book in a personal training session to give yourself a reboot and back onto the gain train. It can be hard doing it yourself, so put the ego away and get that expert help!

8. You Need a Challenge

Has the Coach ever picked on you in front of everyone else? Have you ever been punished in front of everyone? Everyone dreads this feeling, the feeling of being challenged. Hitting the WODs every week is also a challenge for some. But maybe you are just hungry and want more of a challenge? Then that’s exactly what you get from a personal training session. Because this is focused on you and only you, it will challenge you.

9. You Get Correct Goal Setting

Most people don’t know how to set correct health and fitness goals. And they wonder why they haven’t lost any weight or increased their PB’s in the last 6 months. It’s all about setting the correct goals and there’s no one better than a personal trainer.

10. You Get Proper Technique and Form Feedback

Need help with your squat? snatch? or just all round technique? then having an in-depth training session with an expert will help you to improve your technique. Improve your technique and your results will improve. If there are lots of people in the WOD then chances are you’ll get some coaching but not a lot. A personal trainer will spend all the time necessary to help improve that lift.

11. You’ll Reduce Risk of Injury12015226_10153623644552383_7610009413491789813_o

This is additional to learning proper form and technique. You absolutely have to know how to do the movements properly so you get benefits and avoid injuries. Having a professional there with you during the entire movement whether its back squat or deadlift technique helps put your mind at ease.

12. You Have a Specific Illness, Injury or Condition

This is important so read carefully. If you have any type of illness, injury or condition then you need specific attention. Although you can get this from the coach during a WOD, it’s more beneficial to you by having someone with you the entire time. Remember its about the goals and results you want. A personal trainer can help ‘scale’ or ‘tweak’ any workout so that you avoid injury but still get the benefit.

13. You Have Sport or an Event

Got an event coming up? Then you need to plan your workouts so you can be at peak performance by the time the event rolls around. The same goes for sports training. Even the All Blacks have their own personal trainer that helps optimize their workouts and programming. Personal training will help keep you on track so you can save the worry of it yourself.

14. 100% Attention on YOU

The most important reason to get personal training. It focuses 100% solely on YOU! You can hide at the back during a WOD. But when you are one-on-one there is nowhere to hide. It’s all about you and it should be. We want the best for you when it comes to working out so our team are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


If you have never thought about booking a personal training session and you agree with at least 3 of the reasons we’ve listed above then go ahead and book your free consultation with us now



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